Release Date: 10th May 2019

Foray began with the concept of initial exploration into unfamiliar territory. We all are faced with moments in life when we must choose to face the unfamiliar and learn, or stay within our comfort zone. They are often difficult moments, such as when we need to begin to practice a skill we have never done before, but it has to start somewhere. So it has a lot of glitchy sounds to communicate this discomfort and sort of randomness.

This track was the first collaboration with a rapper, and the first time playing around with glitch, trap, and dnb elements in a track, leaning away from the all-familiar dnb tropes and hopefully into something a bit fresh to the listeners ears. Osiris Marshall lent some powerful, even a bit psychadelic lyrics to an askew drum beat. Everything about this track stretched and reached for an undiscovered place.

I didn’t originally intend for it to be an actual ‘song’ at first. The usual thing to do with this type of dance music is to repeat some very simple vocal line, chop it up, make it sparse. But i didn’t give any direction to Osiris because I really wanted him to own this creatively and put in all of his creative energy. What he sent back is 100% what ended up in the track. i didn’t edit out anything, but i did add a bunch of distortion to everything, and glitchy effects to the adlibs.

I don’t have any other tracks quite like this in the pipeline at the moment. To me it stands apart from all the rest of my work, as collaborations probably should. I love the aspect of collaboration that is the coming together of several personalities. Osiris has been firmly rooted in his own style of hip-hop and he admitted this was a different style than what he was used to rapping over. So for both of us it was an incursion into uncharted territory. And it turned out awesome, i think.

Given that this is a really dope sound imo, I’m going to be looking into how I can incorporate full song rapping such as this into future live performances that are part of a larger DJ set.

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